Triditive’s winning bet: automate additive manufacturing

Triditive Team
Triditive Team

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Additive manufacturing, the backbone of 4.0 industry, is moving towards automation. Software, design and production come together on the same platform, simplifying processes. The digitalization of the industry of the future is a safe bet.

This has been demonstrated by the GoHub initiative, which has presented The Global Water Challenge award to Triditive for its cloud automation software. With its EVAM software, the pioneer startup in automated additive manufacturing in Spain digitalizes production processes and solves component sourcing problems.

What does automation of additive manufacturing entail?

The** introduction of software in additive manufacturing** enables the automation of processes. Thus, companies gain in autonomy, reduce their production costs and bet on sustainability.

Digitalizing the industry involves digital storage. The production on demand and without waste, along with the digitalization of the inventory, allows zero stock in the manufacture of parts.

Thanks to the use of software and automation, industries gain in independence. They no longer rely on the supply chain and distant manufacturers, betting on production proximity. Thus, sustainability is gained and shortages are avoided.

Triditive, the winner of The Global Water Challenge Barcelona

Through its cloud automation software, Triditive solves compelling problems such as the shortage of critical components and logistical collapse. It has managed to ensure the ‘just-in-time’ service for any industry, thanks to the innovations incorporated into additive manufacturing.

Under this award, Triditive will receive up to €3 million of GoHub investment. It will also have access to the GoHub and IBM network of experts and mentors, and it will have the opportunity to develop a paid use case at Global Omnium, one of the world’s largest water companies.

Award ceremony

‘The Global Water Challenge' Barcelona was held on November 23rd at Tech Spirit Barcelona. An event that connects the best startups with global technology needs for the sustainable digitalization of the industry.

The Global Water Challenge is one of GoHub’s top projects. It supports the optimization of the processes of the industry to achieve a more efficient and sustainable management of the resources. It invites startups from the world’s most important ecosystems to bet on technology and sustainability.

Mariel Diaz, recently elected as one of the leading women of innovative entrepreneurship selected by the** High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation**, was the one who received the award: "It is an honor to be able to mark this day in the calendar," she says. "We were chosen by the** Bank of America as one of the 7 companies in the world capable of creating a technology for change**, precisely because of our ability to influence stocks. Today we are here, fulfilling one more milestone and we cannot be more grateful".

What challenges does automated additive manufacturing software solve?

The system developed by Triditive digitalizes the inventory, analyzes the cost and manufacturing time and runs the part from the same platform. A formula that encourages proximity production, granting greater independence to industries, and attacking the problems of shortages and logistical collapse that we have to face as a society in the very near future: today.

Among the challenges posed by The Global Water Challenge', Triditive’s technological proposal solves many of them: digitalization of systems and inventory, cost reduction and process automation, reduction of impact by transoceanic logistics shipments and increased efficiency, thereby exponentially reducing the execution and shipping times of parts.

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