Automated 3D Printing Factory in a Cell


Mass Production of Metals and Polymers with 3D Printing
Mass Production of Metals and Polymers with 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing Cell

AMCELL® is the only automated, affordable, and scalable solution to mass manufacture cost-effective final parts in metal and polymers 24/7.

Intelligent automatic system

Enables 24/7 functional final parts production.

Workflow and monitoring online

Extraction system

Conveyor belt for final pieces

Control systems

Optimal chamber conditions


Automatic loading and expulsion of manufacturing platforms

Material availability monitoring

Weight control monitoring of material

How does it work

Highest throughput of final parts and automated!

AMCELL® is a hardware and software solution to automate the whole 3D Printing process to enable the industry mass manufacture Metals and Polymers with 3D Printing.

AMCELL® is composed of 8 automated robots working independently at the same time continuously 24/7.

AMCELL® uses AMD Technology® (Automated Multimaterial Deposition) similar to MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) to produce green parts with all the advantages related to MEX/MMEX and mainly related to Sinter-Based processes. The result is a process with the highest throughput of cost-efficient final parts.


AMCELL® is integrated with proprietary automation subsystems for the automatic load and ejection of manufacturing platforms and printed parts and auto-calibration for each robot.

AMCELL® integrates automatic storage and traceability modules available on demand.

Cloud-based Cell management with EVAM® Software

Automatic production order management, scheduling, optimization, and traceability.

EVAM Software® allows the remote control of the Cells and real time factory management.

Conveyor belt for final parts

Its ejection system of parts has a central conveyor belt that makes AMCELL® a solution for large-scale additive manufacturing.

Intelligently environment control

Its production chamber maintains optimal environmental conditions for additive manufacturing, thanks to its integrated systems of temperature control, humidity, and intelligent air filtering.

Automatic Feedstock Control

AMCELL® cartridge loading system controls weight and environment properties of the material during the printing process. It has capacity up to 10kg of material per robot.

Technical specifications

Additive manufacturing technology
Automated Material Deposition (AMD)
Cell materials
Steel, methacrylate and aluminum
Manufacturing volume
12.5 l / robotic arm
Manufacturing speed
400 cm³/h
Extrusion system
Nozzle diameter
0.2 - 1.2 mm
Manufacturing materials
316 stainless steel
Polymers: PLA, ASA, ABS, HIPS, Polyamide 12
Polyamide reinforced with carbon fiber
System movement
Linear guides
Minimum layer thickness
50 μm
Number of robotic arms
Manufacturing area per robot
220mm diameter, 330mm height
Dimensions and weight
3,2 x 2,2 x 1,8 m
Manufacturing platforms
Platform loading system
Ejection of parts
Central Conveyor Belt
Manufacturing platform
Temperature up to 180º C
Supplied software

Interested in AMCELL®?

AMCELL® is designed and manufactured by Triditive.

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