Scale production with Automated Additive Manufacturing.

The fastest cloud based platform to produce parts on-demand at any scale.

Our Solutions

Amcell Jet®

The AMCELLJet® operates under Binder Jetting technology and enables the production of metal parts with a very high degree of geometrical accuracy and mechanical properties

Amcell 8300

AMCELL 8300® it's a high-volume manufacturing solution . An automated Industrial 3D Printer for 24/7 production of metal and polymer functional parts.

Amcell 1400

AMCELL 1400® makes additive manufacturing a viable solution producing large parts. An Industrial 3D Printer for manufacturing of functional parts.

EVAM Software

The complete software solution to automate AM processes

Triditive helps organizations automate and manage the entire additive manufacturing workflow on a single platform.

EVAM® organizes and manages the workflow to ensure repeatability, traceability and productivity.

Digital warehouse

EVAM® empowers manufacturers to create and manage digital warehouses and scale production on-demand.

Fastest Platform

EVAM® is the fastest sourcing platform to produce parts on demand, centralize orders and optimize production.

Sustainability is our standard

Based in the green and northern mountains of Spain, Triditive was created in 2016 with the vision to become the world’s leading sustainable company in AM.

Why choose Triditive?

Triditive additive manufacturing solutions for the supply chain crisis is the patented AMCELL platform, a unique automated 3D printing industrial machine, that allows production to be scaled up and create products with polymers and metals at the same time.
1. Cost Efficient
2. Short Delivery terms
3. Scalable

Our Services



We produce high-performance, long-lasting industrial 3D printers. The integration between the systems will allow mass production with guaranteed traceability control.



Produce your parts in polymers or metals with complex geometries and high mechanical performance. Manage the production volume based on your needs and produce customized series.



EVAM optimizes the production of your cells, optimizing location, cost and priority. Managing thousands of parts from different clients will no longer be a problem.

Benefits of additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is an economical and sustainable solution. And, therefore, it is not surprising that it is one of the foundations of industry 4.0. However, it also has other benefits, download the guide.

Global leaders trusting the additive manufacturing revolution to transform the industry.