The complete software solution to automate AM processes

EVAM Software®

Triditive helps organizations automate and manage the entire additive manufacturing workflow on a single platform.
EVAM® organizes and manages the workflow to ensure repeatability, traceability and productivity.

Digital warehouse

EVAM® empowers manufacturers to create and manage digital warehouses and scale production on-demand.

Fastest Platform

EVAM® is the fastest sourcing platform to produce parts on demand, centralize orders and optimize production.

Amcell Interfase

Digital warehouse

Production Planning And Scheduling

Our Solutions

Amcell 3800

AMCELL 8300® it's a high-volume manufacturing solution . An automated Industrial 3D Printer for 24/7 production of metal and polymer functional parts.

Amcell 1400

AMCELL 1400® makes additive manufacturing a viable solution producing large parts. An Industrial 3D Printer for manufacturing of functional parts.


TRACED is an automated storage module, integrated with EVAM Software, to keep traceability and store under safe the finished printed parts.