amcell 8300
Mass production Cost-Effective in metal and polymers

Automated Additive Manufacturing Solutions

AMCELL 8300® makes additive manufacturing a viable solution for high-volume manufacturing. An automated Industrial 3D Printer for 24/7 production of functional parts

Accurate and functional parts

  • Polymers
  • Composites
  • Metals
  • High tolerance (ISO 2768)
  • Mass production

EVAM Software®

  • Centralized control and monitoring
  • Feedstock smart control
  • Production optimization
  • Printer integration
  • Build simulation
  • Scheduling
  • Shopfloor connectivity
  • Quality and process monitoring
  • Traceability

Intelligent automatic system

Enables 24/7 functional final parts production.

Workflow and monitoring online

Extraction system

Conveyor belt for final pieces

Control systems

Optimal chamber conditions


Automatic loading and expulsion of manufacturing platforms

Material availability monitoring

Weight control monitoring of material

How it works

Highest throughput of final parts and automated!

AMCELL 8300 is an automated additive manufacturing cell for the mass production of high complexity and precise final parts, controlled by EVAM Software to manage production orders, in-process control, and reduce machine downtimes.

Manufacturing orders, process monitoring, feedstock control, smart environmental control, are just some of the features that make AMCELL 8300® a real platform for mass production.

Software-controlled workflow and process monitoring

AMCELL 8300® includes EVAM Software®, the most advanced production control and remote monitoring solution.

Automatic calibration

Each printhead is automatically calibrated before each printing job to ensure the highest quality of the final part.

Automatic ejection of printed parts

The printed part is ejected to the automatic storage module and a new platform is loaded to ensure 24/7 production.

Automatic storage

Traceability and automatic storage of printed parts.

Technical specifications

Technical information
AM technology
Automated Multimaterial Deposition (AMD Technology®)
Build rate
8 tons metal/year - 2 tons polymer/year
Maximum printing height
350 mm
Maximum printing area
300 mm
Extruder system
Nozzle diameter
0.4 - 0.8 mm
Manufacturing materials
Polymers: ABS, ASA, CPE, HIPS, IGLIDUR I150,
Metals: SS 316, SS 17-4 PH, Inconel, Titanium.
Minimum layer height
30 μm
Number of robots
8 (customizable)
Build chamber
Heated with temperature control, Filter system
External and weight dimensions
3,4 x 2 x 2 m.
Unladen weight: 1300 kg. Loaded weight: 1700 kg
Manufacturing platforms
Platform change system
Ejection system
STEP System
Build platform
Heated, up to 150°C
Build platform material
Tempered glass (customizable)
Build platform calibration
Final parts storage
Automatic TRAC3D

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