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What is additive manufacturing? History and benefits

The model emerged in the 1980s, although without much success. Years later, it became the foundation of Industry 4.0. And, now, it is the solution to the supply crisis. What is additive manufacturing ...

TRIDITIVE introduces AMCELL® at Stanley+ Techstars 2019 accelerator Demo-Day

STANLEY + Techstars Accelerator Demo Day 2019 marks the culmination of an intensive, three-month program which helps company founders accelerate their businesses through investment, resources and ...

TRIDITIVE Mejor Startup en los XV Premios Impulsa

Hemos recibido el premio a la Mejor Startup en la 15 edición de los Premios Impulsa, como reconocimiento a nuestro desarrollo en la automatización de la fabricación aditiva. ...


The partnership will allow the development of new materials and mechanical characterization of final parts for AMCELL® SCALADD the additive manufacturing platform for mass production of TRIDITIVE ...

Metal 3D printing. All you have to know

Industry 4.0 leans towards local production, on demand and waste-free. For this purpose, it uses additive manufacturing, and one of its many possibilities is metal 3D printing. ...

Four great benefits of Additive Manufacturing software

4 benefits of additive manufacturing software From mechanization of manual labor to mass production. From factories to electronics. And, from computing, to the introduction of digital technologies in ...

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